Wednesday, April 6, 2011



You can make energy efficient low cost LED lamp using burnt out waste CFL lamp. Normally, only the outside tube of CFL lamps will be burnt and all other components of CFL lamps can be used. If you are an electronic hobbyist you can make use of these components to make a new energy efficient low cost LED lamp.

Components used:
1)    The holder of CFL lamp
2)    CFL lamp’s existing PCB
3)    Light reflector plastic film
4)    General purpose dotted PCB
5)    Other elec comp as shown in ckt dgm.

  • The elec components are soldered on CFL Lamps existing PCB by drilling holes and by disconnecting unwanted tracks existing on the PCB (Main ckt board).
  • 24 numbers of white LEDs are connected in series on a separate PCB with good reflector plastic film as shown in the figure. I have used the inside of biscuit pack cover as a reflector. Do not use the metal reflector, as it will short the LEDs terminals, unless u insulate it.
  • Drill two holes on the CFL lamp holder for heat dissipation.
  • Use good insulator like cardboard piece in between main ckt board and LED ckt board.
  • Place the main ckt board inside the lamp holder and use the binding wire to hold the LED board with lamp holder (as shown in photos).  

Circuit Diagram

  • 1uF 400V Poly capacitor for high impedance.
  • 100Ω & 220Ω 2W resistors to control inrush of current.
  • 440kΩ resistor discharges the poly capacitor after switch off.
  • 1N4007 diodes full wave rectifier bridge will convert the AC in to DC.
  • 470uF 63V electrolytic capacitor will act as reservoir.
  • All the LEDs are connected in series across the +ve and –ve terminal of the rectifier bridge as shown in the photo below.

During testing this circuit take extra care because you are dealing with the 230V AC mains. Capacitors will be in charged condition even after you switch off the supply.

Build this circuit with your own risk.

Build the energy efficient, low cost, durable, recycled, repairable LED lamp and save energy and cost.   


  1. plzzz sir provide the circuit of the of the main cfl board so that ve get the points to point marking in the circuit .

    1. Sorry for very late reply...
      Thanks for showing ur interest.....
      In CFL board you can use only full wave rectifier bridge and 450V smoothing capacitor u hav to desolder the other components and add some jumpers. If u r beginner and dificulty in desoldering then u can use new general dotted PCB with required components taken out from the burnt out cfl and others as shown in ckt dgm.

  2. Thanks Sir for make a very good project.

    I have one technical quarry that.

    The capacitor which was connected in series(1uF 400V Poly capacitor for high impedance.)...
    would that affect Power Factor?? if yes than how much power factor affected by that.

  3. Can you please tell any other resistor for 440kΩ resistor?because 440kΩ resistor is very rare to find!!!!

  4. good post..what is the cost those b..?

  5. Very good idea Ecillent circuit sir thanks...